Cleaning solar panels wrong?


If you attempt to clean them you are doing more than most. However, you should leave it to the professionals.

Most home owners are not aware they should clean solar panels regularly. They also need to be done professionally.

Think about this, would you use harsh chemicals, on your teeth? Yes glass an enamel is not the same, but harsh chemicals are bad for the environment. Ok, no chemicals.

Ok, let's leave the chemicals out of it. How about cleaning your teeth by just spraying water on them? No right? This might do something to the top layer of dust, but this will not actually clean correctly. So no hoses or sprayers.

Squeegee time? NO! They are not the same as windows. The angle they are in can cause debris to scratch the surface or the A.R.C. while you drag it along the surface. Ok, no squeegee tools.

Safety, solar panels are typically not on the ground, this means you will need to climb the roof. Serious injury and death could be caused by simply falling off a ladder even half way up a one story home. Harnesses, anchors, and lanyards are used while working on a roof.

Please leave this to us as we have knowledge, equipment, and insurance for working with your solar panels. Give us a call! We can handle it for you!